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Advanced Kits

The Cool Zone Advanced Kits include the components needed to control fermentation, except for the 10-gallon cooler. Why not include the cooler?  Two reasons.   First, many brewers already use a 10-gallon water cooler as a mash tun.  Second, you save money on shipping if you supply the cooler.  Generally, coolers are expensive to ship; they can fall under “dimensional” rates, which cost more. 

This is a great solution for the brewer who wants to thermostatically control the heating and cooling of the fermenters to within +/- 0.5 degree F. Cool Zone’s patent pending solution allows you to accurately and reliably use a singe-step or a multi-step temperature profile, whatever you want to use for a given batch.  Better yet, since the Cool Zone Advanced Kits are digitally controlled, you can recreate the fermentation profile whenever you want.   Cool Zone is easy to use, and when not in use, it folds up and stores out of the way. 

Click on the Quick Comparison Guide to see what’s included in each starter kit, and the differences between the kits. 

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