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Designed for Brewers by Brewers

Thermostatically control fermentation temperatures of your carboys and buckets without the hassles and guesswork of an ice bath or swamp cooler.  

Cool Zone was designed with the home brewer in mind!  It works with components many brewers already have, or can easily find at their favorite home brew store.  

Cool Zone is effective!  It can cool carboys to 39 degrees F in a 114 degree F environment (a 75 degree differential) using ice water as the coolant.

Cool Zone is accurate!  It uses a digital controller so it can control temperatures to +/- 0.5 degree F.

Cool Zone is flexible!  It allows you to ferment small and large batches with the same system.  If you want to brew a larger batch, simply add a fermenter to your set-up.  If you want to brew a smaller batch, simply remove a fermenter.  

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